St. Margaret Families:
Schools have been given permission to allow access to our students to retrieve or return items.  The process and information below are under the direction of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board and Waterloo Region Public Health.



Please read over the information below to ensure the safety and health of all.

Student belongings and Report Card will be place on top of the student’s desk for you to retrieve.   Any school resources that are being returned should be placed on top of the student’s desk. There is a box at each entrance for Library books.

Please note the following need to be returned to the school when picking up your child’s personal items:

·         Library books

·         Home Reading Program Books

·         Textbooks

·         Chromebooks of Students Moving out of our school area and leaving WCDSB (Grade 8 going to a Secondary School with WCDSB keep Chromebook until returning to school)

Staff will be placing student items / Report Card etc. on desks labelled with student name. Keeping with physical distancing (spaced 2 meters apart):

·         1 family member and 1 child will have access to enter the school (managed by staff), via the following entrances and times:

AM from 9:00 – 11: 30 a.m.:

Room 3 door (walk through Daycare Yard) Mrs. Namespetra-Sullivan (EY)

Front Entrance: Mrs. Idzik (Gr. 2/3)

Mrs. Dow’s Class through the classroom door on the blacktop: (Gr. 2)

Junior Entrance on the blacktop: Mr. Ma (Gr. 4/5) / Mrs. McKinley (Gr.3)

Intermediate Entrance from back of the building: Mr. Rose (Gr. 8) / Miss Stephens (Gr. 7/8)

PM from 12:30 – 3:00 p.m.:

Room 23 door on blacktop: Mrs. Mackay (EY)

Front Entrance: Mrs. Blackmore (Gr. 1)

Mrs. Vale’s Class through the classroom door on the blacktop: (Gr. 1/2)

Junior Entrance on the blacktop: Mrs. Freitas (Gr. 5) / Mrs. Kavanagh (Gr. ¾)

Intermediate Entrance from back of the building: Miss Wegierak (Gr. 7) / Mr. Guagliano (Gr. 6)

·         If you have more than 1 child, you will have to exit the building after each class and enter through the appropriate entrance. You can choose the AM or PM that suits you and go to all classrooms.

·         Maximum of 7 families (1 parent/guardian and child) in the building at any one time. Grades 4 to 8 students can enter without a parent.

·         Thanks for your patience as you will have to wait in line at a safe distance!

·         Students can bring his/her knapsack; additional bag(s) for collection of personal items. The school has a limited number of paper bags if needed.

·         Any medication stored in the main office will also be available for pick-up at the same time in the main office.

·         Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entry.

·         Individuals are encouraged to wear a face mask

This is a quick pick-up / drop off only period. No meetings, activities or prolonged conversations are held; washrooms are not accessible.



Access is prohibited to anyone who is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or has had close contact with a confirmed case. All individuals must complete the self-assessment tool prior to arrival: If there are parent/guardians whose health leaves them vulnerable to COVID-19, arrangements can be made to have a separate pick-up date.

School entry and exit points will be restricted to a few doors to limit movement throughout the building and allowing us to monitor the number of people in the building at any one time. Entry will be limited to two people per family; one child and one parent. Where possible we feel it is safest to have either just the parent or student enter the building.



If you are unable to come on Wednesday June 24th, please let the classroom teacher know and the Principal will arrange another time!

Grade 8 Graduates: we are please to offer you a ‘Grad Day’ on Thursday June 25th from 9- 11:30 a.m. Please Come Wednesday to pick up personal items AND plan on returning Thursday for a ‘SPECIAL’ pick up. Grade 8 classroom teachers will share more information in Google Classrooms!!