Thank you, parents and caregivers, for working with us to make drop off and pick up a safe time for everyone!

Just a reminder that our parking lot is CLOSED EXCEPT FOR BUSSES, TAXIS AND APPROVED VEHICLES during drop off/ pick up times.

Please continue to drop off on Saginaw Pkwy., Cowan Blvd. and other side-streets that you feel are safe. Please do not block driveways.

There are a few approved by the Principal ‘parent’ vehicles due to personal circumstances!

Regardless of the weather the parking lot will remain closed at these busy times.

Please continue to cross the street with our Crossing Guard only.

Also 3-point turns are very dangerous so refrain, especially in our entrance and exit areas!!

Thank you for always wearing your mask on school property and practicing safe social distancing while dropping off and picking up your children!