Volunteers Needed!!!!
Do you like to people watch?
Do you enjoy a free breakfast?
Do you have 3 hours to spare?
Do you want to earn over $800 in funds for
the school?
Our school sends 2 volunteers, once a month, to Cambridge Bingo Centre.
The volunteers are responsible for tidying up used bingo cards, greeting
and calling out winning bingo serial numbers. The volunteer session is
usually a Saturday morning for 3 hrs. We are looking for parents or
grandparents to fill our volunteer sessions. To volunteer, you would need
to attend a one time training session.

If you have any questions please contact the school.

This is a very important volunteer opportunity as we earn at least $800/month as long as
we fulfill our once a month session. If we can’t send 2 volunteers for our
assigned session we miss out on these funds!