Students and staff are invited and encouraged to wear their costumes to school or wear orange and black Friday October 29th!

Please ensure that your child’s costume/clothing is appropriate for school. Students are to wear non-violent costumes/clothing along with their mask/face covering (minimal make up). We discourage ‘props’ as they are easily lost or damaged. We are also discouraging ‘inflatable’ costumes in the classroom to respect our COVID protocols BUT students can bring an inflatable costume to wear in the dance! Students are expected to manage their own costumes (especially for washroom breaks).

Costume Masks DO NOT replace the wearing of their own ‘safe’ mask.


At this time, please do not send Halloween treats.

Our Grade 7/8 Student Parliament has planned activities for the week:

*CANDY GUESSING GAME BALLOTS will be given to each student to fill in and guess the number of candies in the jars.  The jars will be in the front foyer all week, and students can submit their answers on Friday before they enter the dance.  Winners will be announced on Friday after the dance.

*Pumpkin decorating contest is available for any class that wants to participate. There will be prizes for winners for the following categories: Scariest, Most Creative, and best Jack O Lantern.

*Colouring contests for our EY and Primary classes.

*Each class will have some fun and dance in the gym with their classmates to some Halloween themed music.

*Each student will be given a treat bag (includes a bag of chips, mini-chocolate bar and juice box) on their way OUT of the dance.

Thank you for your understanding.

Mr. J. Schnarr