Scottie Families, with this beautiful weather please review the following with your children related to wearing hats and appropriate clothing.

If you have questions please contact the classroom teacher!

Student Expectations (taken from our Student Handbook)

  • No headgear (hats, caps, bandanas, etc.) is to be worn in the building.
  • The Dress Code MUST be followed at all times.

All students are expected to comply with the rules and expectations of the school and staff. These

rules and expectations are based on respect for self and others.

Dress Code

Our school is special because it is a Catholic School and we have Christ as our example. This gives

us the important responsibility of always acting in a Christian manner. Attention to outward

appearance is an important part of a student’s social development and success in later life. All

workplace contexts have norms or rules for appropriate dress. Students are expected to dress

appropriately. The Dress Code is also in effect for class trips, unless instructed. Please dress your

child in warm clothing during the winter months. Parents are also asked to label articles of clothing

and school bags.


– Clothing that is clean, modest and respectful to self and others

– Tops must be modest, covering the entire shoulder (straps at least 3 fingers wide) and torso

(overlapping pants)

– Shorts and skirts of an appropriate length

Not Allowed:

– Halter-tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, etc. or any clothing where undergarments can be


– Muscle shirts

– Short shorts, mini skirts

– Bandanas

– Clothing that advertises or promotes alcohol, drugs, gangs, smoking, immorality, bad

language, racism or violence


Students who are inappropriately dressed will be reminded of the Dress Code and will be asked to

put on another sweater or shirt of their own, or call for a change of clothes. Thank you in advance

for your support in this matter.