St. Margaret is one of over 70 non-profit organizations that have the opportunity to volunteer for bingo, and all are members of the Cambridge Gaming Association (CGA).

Since 2010, the school has been earning a share of bingo proceeds in exchange for providing trained volunteers at assigned bingo sessions.

Training is now available online!

Our school needs a volunteer to attend a bingo session once a month for a 2 hr session.  Sessions will be Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

Over the past 8years St. Margaret has raised over $40,000.  The funds have been used for…

-playground structures

-school mass busing

-gym equipment

-hosting a math night

-library books & Resources

-school busing for movie

-classroom toy bins

-student agendas

-digital camera

-sports team uniforms

-library furniture

-headphones for computers

-kindergarten toys

-wireless headset for gym

-science enrichment tools

-learning to code programming

-ECO Club initiatives

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Bingo Coordinator Robin Hanian at robinadh@icloud.com