September 2018 News

St. Margaret of Scotland School Community,

Renovations are complete, and the 2018-2019 school year is underway. I would like to welcome all students and their families, especially those new the community.

Thank you for your patience as we have been organizing classes and getting forms out to you. Remember most of our communication will be via online through our Newswire, website and cash online!!

Staff are looking forward to meeting everyone Tuesday September 18th from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Stop by your child’s class to see where they come to learn each day! Your Catholic School Council will be looking for new volunteers. Please consider volunteering!!

I look forward to being part of the St. Margaret community!

Mr. Jodie Schnarr, your Principal

Margaret Staff 2018-2019:

Mrs. Mackay JK / SK
Mrs. Namespetra-Sullivan JK / SK
Mrs. Blackmore 1
Mrs. Vale 1
Mrs. Dow 2
Mrs. Idzik 2 / 3
Mrs. McKinley 3
Mrs. Milito 3 / 4
Mrs. Kavanagh 4 / 5
Miss Kasunic 5 / 6
Mr. Guagliano 6
Mrs. Mendes 7
Mr. Resendes 7 / 8
Mr. Rose 8
Mr. Schnarr Principal
Mrs. Nicholson Special Education
Mr. Nicayenzi FSL
Mrs. Monteiro FSL
Mrs. Leamen PT
Mrs. Ciupa Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Drabik Library Technician
Mrs. Thorne LHS
Mrs. Silvestro LHS
Mrs. Mouta LHS
Mrs. McCarley EA
Mrs. Barukcic EA
Mrs. Stamp EA
Mrs. Camacho ECE
Mrs. Suvarna ECE
Mr. Vanderaar Head Custodian
Mrs. Beaudry Custodian
Mrs. Lam Itinerant PT
Mr. Figueiredo Itinerant PT




Thank you for respecting our ‘Student Safety Zone’ sign at the entrance to our parking lot. I thank the staff that volunteer to be at the gates in the morning and afterschool. Also, please be extra safe while picking up on the road. Please do not block driveways, and do not let students cross the road unattended to be picked up.


Please refer to the Student Agenda for all important information from bell times, to use of technology. A copy will be downloaded to the website for your reference.


Please refer to the school google public calendar for upcoming events and activities. Each month a newsletter will be sent with a summary and some highlights. In addition, each classroom will keep you updated as to class and school happenings.