November is upon us and there is a lot going on at the school! Here are some of the activities and/or reminders in alphabetical order:


-Agendas have arrived. We appreciate your patience and understanding! The first 8 pages are our School Handbook. Please review the pages with your child (ren) and sign.

-Book Fair will be November 4 to 8, including during the Progress Report Conferences.

-Bus Evacuation Training for all students will be on November 13th at 10:20 a.m. for ALL students.

-Catholic School Council meeting will be Monday November 25th at 6:15 p.m.

-DFS School Fundraiser ends Friday November 1st. Thanks to our Catholic School council for organizing!

-Dogs are part of our drop off and pick up routine but please remember to keep them at a safe distance from students.

-ECO Team reminders: Tuesdays are ‘trash less’ so use re-usable containers. Thursdays are ‘thirsty’ so use a re-usable water container. Our goal is that both happen EVERY day!!

-Fitbit for November will be posted soon. Each month a healthy snack or recipe will be shared. Give it a try!!

-Gates are closed for drop off and pick up for student safety. Please do NOT park or drop off at the gates. Also, any cars that may be in the parking lot must remain parked until all busses leave the parking lot area!! PLEASE help us to ensure safety!

-Halloween is a fun time for our students. Please review the Halloween ‘post’ for details about costumes and treats on October 31st!

-Inclement weather is upon us. Please dress your child to be outside as much as possible. Remember supervision begins at 8:35 a.m.  Students should not be on the yard prior to this time. More information will be shared about the procedure to follow for cancellations etc.

-Just a reminder that our Hot Lunches (Pizza / Friday restaurants) are also fundraisers. Profits from the lunches support student activities and resources! Thank you for supporting the school. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school!

-Lockdown procedures will be practiced regularly at the school. Staff will regularly practice the drills and as a school we work together to practice in case of an emergency!

-Mass is November 14th at 10:30 in the school gym. We will be celebrating the Feast of St. Margaret. (the actual Feast day is November 16th). All are welcome.

-Notes sent from parents to allow their child (ren) to leave at lunch are given to the classroom teacher. Students are expected to sign out at the office, and back in when returning. This is a parent decision!

-Photo Retakes are Monday November 4th.

-PALS has begun for our Grades 1-3 students during afternoon recess.

-Progress Reports go home Tuesday November 5th. Parent/Student/ Teacher Conferences take place for all students on Thursday November 7th. Please complete the Conference information sent home and return to the school asap.

-PD Day is on Friday November 15th. NO SCHOOL for students!

-Umbrella skill from October skill is ‘Empathy’. The assembly is Friday November 1st at 1:15 p.m. in the gym. November skill is Growth Mindset.

-Volunteers are always welcome at the school. If you are interested, please contact the office.

-We are learning more about a ‘Walking School Bus’ for some of our students. Please review the site www.walkingschoolbus/ for more information. We will send out more information and a brief survey.


Mr. Schnarr

Your Principal