Women’s Empowerment + Rafikis = Change

ME to WE Rafiki Bracelets have arrived at St. Margaret School

Special Edition Mother’s Day bracelets are available in addition to several other colours and styles! In Swahili, Rafiki means friend. For every $10 Rafiki Bracelet you buy, $5 will go directly toward Me to We social justice initiatives.

Using traditional art forms, each handcrafted Rafiki bracelet empowers female artisans by enabling them to earn a fair wage for their work. For these Kenyan artisans, women’s empowerment means taking charge of their future—and they’re doing just that. Help our Social Justice Club spread awareness and help women in developing communities earn money to invest in their futures and the futures of generations of girls to come.

Rafikis will be sold all week during recess times in the front foyer for $10