Students will be receiving MASKS from the Ministry and the WCDSB today or Monday. Each student will receive 1 black mask from the Ministry and 3 additional grey ones from the Board. Students can also continue to wear their own masks! Please continue to ensure that the students have a clean mask to wear each day.


We will celebrate our HALLOWEEN SPIRIT on Friday, Oct. 30th. Students and staff are invited and encouraged to wear their costumes to school.

Please ensure that your child’s costume/clothing is appropriate for school. Students are to wear non-violent costumes/clothing along with their mask/face covering. Please also do not send props that can be damaged. We are discouraging ‘inflatable’ costumes this year to respect our COVID protocols. Students are expected to manage their own costumes (especially for washroom breaks).

Costume Masks DO NOT replace the wearing of their own ‘safe’ mask.

Students and staff can also wear black and orange!


At this time, please do not send Halloween treats.

More information will be sent out next week about class and school activities planned for Friday October 30th.

Thank you for your understanding.


Mr. J. Schnarr