Junglesport is coming to St. Margaret!!!

 Just a reminder that there are two permission forms (one is online and can be signed online when you go to school cash online and the 2nd is the Consent form from Junglesport that was sent home). BOTH of these completed forms are needed for each student. The $15.00 is to be paid with School Cash Online only. 

Family Night is Wed. Feb. 13th! Three sessions are available but filling up quickly! Please send back the Family night form that was sent home last week if you are interested in coming, with your preference for which session you would like to attend! PLEASE NOTE: Ages 4 and up are able to participate. Also, students MUST be accompanied by an adult (parent/guardian) if they wish to attend this evening. You will be asked to sign the Permission Forms if you have not yet done so (e.g., if you are not a student at St. Margaret) if you are participating. Bring your running shoes for some climbing fun! At this time parents attending will be able to participate so bring your running shoes too!

We look forward to having Junglesport here in our school gym from Monday, February 11-Friday, February 15th!  Please visit their website at www.junglesport.com if you have any additional questions or to see videos and photos! Junglesport aligns with our Catholic Curriculum. Please read below for more information.

 If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Schnarr or Mrs. Leamen at the school!


Junglesport Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum connections:
Strand A – Active Living
Connections – some examples
A1. Active participation
Variety of new and challenging activities; promotes life-time interest
Fun, enjoyable activities. Students motivated to participate
A2. Physical fitness
Program encourages physical activity; use of body in alternative ways and of different
muscle groups
A3. Safety
High priority on program – self-awareness of personal safety
Students responsible for peer safety; e.g. when holding rope for climber
Strand B – Movement Competence
B1. Movement skills
Climbing; balancing; swinging; stretching; weight transfer; leaping; gripping; take-off &
B1. Movement concepts
Using body & muscles in different way; effort to complete challenges; hand-eye
coordination; awareness of others; how to land safely; centre of gravity key to successful
climbing by staying balanced
B2. Movement strategies
Rules & skills required for climbing & ropes courses; applying skills and improving
(e.g. climbing higher) through practice
Strand C – Healthy Living
C1. Understanding health concepts
Alternative sport & activities encourage healthy lifestyle
C2. Making healthy choices
Safe introduction to climbing & ropes courses; positive reinforcement through success
C3. Making connections for healthy living
Responsible for peer & personal safety; making safe choice for injury prevention