We wish our grade 3 students all the best as they receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion at St. Patrick Church.
Grade 3 students Aguiar – Medeiros will receive the sacrament at 10 am on Sat., Oct. 24.
Grade 3 students Mikolajczyk – Zoleta will receive the sacrament at 1 pm on Sat., Oct. 24.
All students are expected to arrive 1/2 hr. prior as Fr. Ross will need to go over some things with them. Students are to sit in the pew that has their First Holy Communion Certificate in the pew. They can invite a maximum of 6 guests who are expected to sit in the same pew as the student. Masks are mandatory.

A special thanks to Father Ross, Ms. Kavannah, Mrs. Idzik, and Mrs. McKinley!

Keep the students and their families in your prayers!