Thanks to our family of schools, St. Margaret, Christ the King, St. Peter and Saint Teresa of Calcutta, our recent school food drive was an outstanding success.

Our pantry is full of food products and hopefully our needs will be met for the next several months.

Thus far in 2023, we have answered 246 calls for assistance which includes 423 adults and 248 children.  We also assisted 91 singles.

Our help to those in need is comprised of two heaping bags of groceries, a food voucher to a grocery store valued at $50.00 plus an additional $5.00 per person living in the household.  We also provide a produce voucher of $5.00 to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from a travelling mobile unit.  So far this year we have given $14,460.00 to families.  It is the parishioners of St. Patrick Parish who provide us with the funds to meet these needs.  We are able to provide this money in vouchers only because we do not have to purchase the groceries.  Our groceries come from school food drives and the benevolence of the parishioners of St. Patrick Parish.

On behalf of your St. Vincent de Paul, please express our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Cater who spearheaded the campaign at St. Margaret and to the parents of your students who donated so generously.

With kind regards,

Ken Sliter

School Food Drive Coordinator