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Crossing Guard away today and Friday

St Margaret Parents:

This email is to advise that a crossing guard will not be available at the Westminster/Rose and Saginaw/Cowan crossing locations this afternoon Thursday Feb. 29th and possibly all day tomorrow March 1st.

SPIRIT Reminders for this week!

Hello Scotties,

A few reminders …

Tomorrow (Wednesday February 28th, 2024) is the last day to purchase your raffle tickets for our Nutrition for Learning fundraiser! Please purchase them by 12:00pm! No Cash accepted.

Tomorrow (Wednesday February 28th, 2024) is also Pink Shirt Day! We encourage students to wear their pink shirts tomorrow in support of Bully Awareness! Student leadership will be coming around to classes to collect color house points for students wearing pink shirts

Friday March 1st, 2024 is Jersey / Touque day! We encourage students to wear their favourite jersey’s / Touques on Friday! Student leadership will be coming around to classes to collect color house points for students wearing a jersey / Touque

Thank you Scotties!!

Nutrition For Learning Raffle IMPORTANT

Hello Scottie families,

We have had a huge amount of parents inquire about doing another cash day for purchasing Nutrition for Learning Raffle tickets.

We have decided to add ONE MORE DAY!!!

Cash for raffle tickets will be accepted ONLY on Tuesday February 27th, 2024 between the hours of 12:00pm – 4:00pm in the front foyer. Students will be able to purchase their raffle tickets throughout the afternoon on Tuesday.

Tickets will still be available to purchase on School Cash Online until Wednesday February 28th, 2024 at 1:00pm

Reminder that the Raffle will take place this Friday March 1st, 2024

Thank you Scotties!!


Nutrition For Learning Raffle ‘correction’ and more information!!

Scottie families!

We have had some concerns with School Cash Online brought to our attention. The concern is that Parents / Guardians were going into school cash online and purchasing raffle tickets for their child and then trying to go back in and purchase tickets again under the same account but the raffle fundraiser option disappeared.

Here is the solution:

When purchasing raffle tickets for your child, you need to have both children registered on school cash online. Once you purchase for your first child, it will disappear from their account and so you will need to go to your second child’s account and purchase tickets for them on their account.

Unfortunately, you are not able to purchase more then 60 tickets per child at one time. However, if you have already purchased tickets for your child and would like to purchase more, you can contact Ms. Goldrick at and request access again to purchase more tickets and she can re-open the raffle tickets on your child’s account.

We will also be opening one more day next week where students will be able to pay with cash again during the school day (more info on this to come)

Our sincerest apologies for any confusion this may have caused for anyone.

We have decided to share with families some of the prizes your children will be able to win! these include:

Backboard basketball net

Kitchener Ranger Tickets

Toronto FC Tickets

A weekend getaway to a cottage for your whole family


Have a wonderful weekend Scotties!!

Nutrition For Learning Raffle TODAY!

Good Morning Scottie families,

This is a friendly reminder that our Nutrition for Learning program will be selling tickets for the raffle today Thursday February 22nd, 2024 from 8:00AM – 9:30AM and   3:00pm – 6:00pm in the front foyer of the school. This is ONLY if you would like to pay cash for your tickets. Tickets are also still available through school cash online!

Prizes will also be displayed during the noted times above for parents and students to see!

Thank you Scotties!!

Nutrition For Learning Raffle Fundraiser

Hello Scotties families,

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Nutrition for Learning fundraiser. It is very much appreciated by all of the St. Margaret staff and students.

It is now time to purchase tickets for our raffle fundraiser! Please see the poster below for more information on how to purchase tickets and when you can purchase them!

_Nutrition For Learning Raffle Ticket Poster Feb 20

Thank you!!

Family Night February 21st POSTPONED

St. Margaret Families:

Your Catholic School Council has been working tirelessly to put together a Family Dinner Night and activities. It was scheduled for Wednesday February 21st. Due to the low number of families signing up on School Cash we are postponing the event. Families that already ordered will be refunded in a timely manner.

Our Catholic School Council will meet again March 6th to discuss future events. We are considering a survey to ask you for input about events to bring the St. Margaret community together. Please stay tuned.

The students practicing to perform for families will present to the school community in the near future.

More information will be sent home about our N4L – Nutrition for Learning fundraiser/ raffle.

Have a happy long weekend. Enjoy Family Time on Monday. See you Tuesday February 20th!

Nutrition For Learning (N4L) Fundraiser Last Call

This is a friendly reminder that this Friday is the LAST DAY to make donations for our Nutrition for Learning fundraiser!

All Donations can be dropped off to the front office between 8:30AM – 4:00pm

All Donations are greatly appreciated!

Thank you Scotties!!!




Ash Wednesday mass today at 10:30 a.m. in the school gym

We would like to thank our Catholic School Council members for coordinating Shrove/ Pancake Tuesday! The many parent volunteers made it a special day for our students and staff – THANK YOU!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for helping us celebrate Valentine’s together Tuesday February 13th to respect the significance of Ash Wednesday.

Today Wednesday February 14th we begin our Lenten Journey with a mass and distribution of ashes at 10:30 a.m. in the school gym. We welcome Father Joe to pray with us as a community. Parents are welcome to attend.

Shrove Tuesday and Valentine’s Reminders

Dear Parents/Guardians:

On Tuesday February 13th, Catholic School Council members and volunteers will start cooking pancakes at about 8:30 am.  After morning announcements at 9:00 a.m., pancakes will begin to be delivered to the classrooms.

We kindly remind parents to be ENVIRONMENTALLY conscious and ask that students bring a PLATE, KNIFE AND FORK to enjoy their pancakes.  They will be rinsed off and sent back home to be cleaned or recycled at the school.

Please wear RED /WHITE/ PINK. Click the link for the memo sent earlier:

Valentine’s Day at St Margaret’s Monday

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