Dear St. Margaret Parents/Guardians of Grade 4-8 students:

Our Track and Field Day is TOMORROW at St. Benedict’s on Wednesday May 15th.

Here are some important notes and reminders:

  • All students need to come prepared with the following: a trash free lunch, reusable water bottles, appropriate footwear and clothing for the weather, sunscreen, hat, rain jacket, etc. (our track meet will run rain or shine!)
  • Students will start the day at school with regular bell time and attendance procedures, and walk to St. Benedict’s with their classes.  At the end of the track meet, all students will walk back together for regular dismissal (please see the attached schedule for the events)
  • If a parent/guardian is picking up a student at the end of the track meet, you MUST communicate with the classroom teacher in advance. Under NO circumstances should students be leaving St. Benedict’s property for lunch and all students will return to St. Margaret’s at the end of the day unless their parent/guardian is there to pick them up (a note/text/phone call is NOT sufficient)
  • Students will only be permitted to enter St. Benedict’s School for washroom breaks and must ask permission from the designated supervisor
  • All students will set up inside the track oval on the grass.  They can NOT bring any other sports equipment to play with (they can read or play quiet activities).  They can watch events from inside the oval; however, they should not interfere with any events and also can not leave the sitting area unless they have permission.
  • Students will remain inside the track unless they are at an event. Students are responsible for listening for their events to be announced and for arriving at the event immediately after it is called.
  • See the following tentative schedule for events.  There is a start time of 9:30 for the 1500m race.  All the other races will follow.  This is a general outline of the day’s events since we are sharing the track with another elementary school and we can not guarantee start/finish times.  Schedule of Events – Track & field 2024

Track & Field Volunteers

Track Note Home 2024

Track and Field Schedule of Events