Welcome to St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Elementary School!

We are located in the Clemens Mill subdivision of Southeast Cambridge. This area was first settle by many Scottish immigrants. The school is built on 10 acres of land with a four-acre woodlot. In this woodlot, we have an outdoor classroom. The school opened in 1990 and 402 students attended.  St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Elementary School recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary.

St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Elementary School was named after Margaret, patron saint of Scotland. She is also referred to as Queen Margaret, who was the wife of King Malcolm III and the mother of eight children. Margaret was an extraordinary person, known for being devoutly religious and charitable. She worked with her husband to make Scotland a powerful and independent nation.

Our school was designed to promote broad community use with its large gymnasium and a daycare centre, which is attached to the school. The school is beautiful inside as well as outside. Our inviting and welcoming school is the heart of the community and is used regularly during the schools day and after hours.

Our students work hard at school and are kind, helpful and polite. Our staff works tirelessly to provide a first-rate education for these students, which of course includes academics, but also sports and clubs, and a place where all students feel like they belong, feel successful, and strive to meet their full potential.

At St. Margaret of Scotland, we recognize the importance of giving back to our community, our city and our world. As St. Margaret was known for her outstanding charity, we strive to follow her lead, through supporting Free the Children, St. Vincent de Paul Society and most recently, the Push for Change Foundation.

We are preparing our students for a future we can’t predict, where they will be required to think, collaborate and communicate. By partnering with our parents and St. Patrick’s Church, together we instill the Catholic values that our students will need to nurture their faith and to be caring and responsible adults who have a positive impact on the community and the world in which they live.

It is our hope that all families will use this web page to stay up-to-date with all the activities that will be taking place throughout the school year. Our monthly newsletters will be posted on this site at the beginning of each month. Please also sign up on Newswire to receive important updates through email and access our school calendar.

We look forward to building relationships to learn, pray, and play together as a community!

Mr. Jodie Schnarr