June is the month traditionally devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which for Catholics is a sign and symbol of God’s boundless and passionate love for all humanity. The month of June is also designated as PRIDE month in Waterloo region and across Ontario. This month, and each and every month, our Catholic schools are committed to nurturing safe and inclusive learning environments where every student and every member of the community is welcomed, valued, and respected.

As Catholics, we believe that we are all made in the image and likeness of a God who created us and loves us unconditionally – just as we are. We are called to know, love, and celebrate one another, just as God knows, loves, and celebrates each one of us because we are wonderfully made. We honour the inherent dignity in each other by treating one another with sensitivity, compassion, and respect.

For the month of June the Pride Flag will be raised beside our Canadian Flag.

Called to Belong Prayer

Creating God, out of your great love you created all things. After the flood you crafted the rainbow and placed it in the sky as a reminder that you love everything and everyone you have created.

Yes, each individual colour of the rainbow is beautiful but its true beauty is found in the way that the colours are beautiful together. We are all called to belong, and we are most beautiful when we are together.

As human beings you crafted each of us in unique, distinctive and wonderful ways. No matter how you created us, we are all made in your image and likeness.

May all of your children come together and hold hands in peace and harmony. May we all work together for a world where acceptance, equity, justice, and celebration are possible for every person.

As the love of Jesus on the Cross extended to all people, by the power of your Holy Spirit may we love and embrace everyone in the same way.


Fr. Joseph de Viveiros C.R.