June 2023 News at-a-glance

Please continue to watch for Newswire reminders. Important dates are also our school calendar. Classroom teachers continue to communicate through their google classrooms.



-Cross Country for grades 4-8 was May 30th at Shades Mill

-School Track and Field meet at St. Benedict was May 19th for grades 4-8

-Regional Track Meet is Tuesday June 6th at Resurrection SS

-Junior Girl’s 3-pitch is Tuesday June 13th at Victoria Park

-Junior Boy’s 3-pitch is Tuesday June 13th at Churchill Park

-Intermediate (grades 7-8) Ultimate Frisbee is at Churchill Park Monday June 12th.


Bikes, scooters, skateboards are a mode of transportation to and from school. We encourage helmets and ask the students to walk or carry their items when on school property.



Columbia students in grade 4 learned with us in May. What a great experience!

Craft Club celebration is Tues. June 6th with ‘Play With Clay’

Canada Day (July 1st) will be celebrated Wednesday June 28th. Please wear Red and White!


Dog Safety has improved. Thanks for keeping pets a safe distance from the students during drop off and pick up.


EQAO for Grades 3 is June 5th – 8th.

EQAO for Grades 6 is June 8th – 14th.

Equipment on the yard is provided by the school. No equipment is allowed on the yard before school in the morning or after school when students are dismissed. When arriving to school in the morning students are asked to stay on the supervised blacktop.




Forest on our school yard is off-limits and ‘out of bounds’ for staff and students for safety reasons.


-Thursday June 22nd is our Year End School Mass

Fiddlesticks will be hosting JK-Grade 3 classes to the Splashpad June 23rd, 26th, 27th.


Grade 8 Graduation is Monday June 26th in the school Gym/ Learning Commons at 5:30 p.m.


Hot lunches were organized by our Catholic School Council. Gino’s pizza was every Tuesday. Fridays there was a rotation of East Side / Pita Pit / Harvey’s / Subway. Thank you, Mrs. Pendergast, Mrs. Brochu and Mrs. Goldrick!


IMPORTANT September ‘Start Up’ packages are due by June 16th.

Idea Exchange at St. Benedict will be hosting JK – grade 3 students June 16th, 20th-22nd.


June is National Indigenous Month.


Kindergarten classes visit African Lion Safari Friday June 16th.


Library Books and Resources are due Friday June 9th. Please return to the classroom or the office! The first three classes that return everything will receive a ‘frozen treat’ from Ms. Drabik.

Last day of school for 2022-2023 is Thursday June 29th. Regular dismissal is at 3:20 p.m.

Lockdown practices will happen during the month of June.


No Peanut butter or other substitutes like soya etc. If it looks and smells like Peanut butter it will be treated as peanut butter.

Nutrition for Learning is available to ALL students every day in classrooms.


Parking Lot Safety! Our parking lot is ONLY for staff, approved transportation vehicles and parents contacting the Office for a specific need. We now have 2 busses, so there is a longer time for approved vehicles to remain parked before leaving the lot. PLEASE find drop off and parking areas safely in the community!

PD Day was Friday June 2nd – No School for Students


Report Cards for Term 2 will be sent home Tuesday June 27th.


St. Benedict SS will be hosting our Grade 8 students Tuesday June

Support Staff EA’s (Educational Assistants) / CYW (Child Youth Worker) were celebrated Friday June 2nd.

Students not returning to St. Margaret for September 2023 are asked to contact the office asap to facilitate creating class lists for the new school year.


Trips with families are common. Please contact the school Office if the student (s) will be away for any period. Please continue to contact the classroom teacher for absences and copy the office to ensure safety.




Welcome to Kindergarten for NEW JK students starting Sept. 2023 evening was June 1st. A follow up visit to the school Library/ Learning Commons is Wednesday June 7th 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.


Zones for students during Recess and Lunch breaks continue. There are 3 zones on the school yard: Primary (grade 1-3), Junior (grades 4-6), Intermediate (grades 7-8). Students in combined grade classes have a choice of either area. In addition, there are weekly scheduled times for the soccer fields, baseball field and basketball areas.

Mr. J. Schnarr